It took around 10 days of render time (on 4 computers) to render the final foreground. The foreground and background was put together, the whole thing was color corrected and the foreground trees given a touch of depth un-focus. Finally, titles and a soundtrack (Pat Boone singing "Here comes Santa Claus") were added. As a final test, we created DVD and Bluray discs to see how they looked.

We did keep the soundtrack in the video below against our own principles regarding third party material. We simply liked it so much, we just had to keep it. However, this may mean that the video will not be available everywhere - and should anybody complain, we will remove the soundtrack.

There were several issues with the resulting video. The DVD resolution was not that great (The WMV video files on the computer looked much better). Both DVD and Bluray images didn't exactly match the colors produced by the computer, even when watching using the same display. And then there are the problems we simply ignored to save time (like the fact that Santa doesn't really touch the ground in the first few frames).

However, all in all, we were rather satisfied with the result... :)