The boat took a really long time to finish. Not so much because of the boat itself, but because of the surrounding water. To create the water in the first place took some time (water is NOT simple to do in any medium). But then the boat had to float on it following the waves and the oar had to to do so independently of the boat.

In the test video you hardly notice the boat and its movements. But you
would have noticed it if it had not been riding the waves in a convincing way. We found that the important thing is not so much the quality of the models and their movements. The really important part is that nothing wrong catches your eye when you see the scene, thereby scattering the illusion.

The background is just a generic landscape created in Vue. The reason for it to be there at all is that we wanted to see if it reflected correctly in the water.

The person is (again) Kate from Poser Pro, this time clad more decently. She is there to give an impression of the size of the model.