Using 3D means building models of everything from leaves to trees, from nails to buildings. So we had to produce usable models if we wanted to keep on using our new strategy. Mostly, the models were created to learn the necessary software tools and to see if we could create images of a usable quality. Below are some experiments, large and small, from this study and learning period.
We needed something like a door-stop for the hatch when it opened, and up came the idea of the Imp. We ended up discarding it, but we still have the model in our library...
This belt buckle did not make it into the movie, but we still think it is a nice little prop.
This spiky railing was also thrown out, but we kept the demon-head. It looked so evil in a nice kind of way.
This simple hatch was one of the first models we fabricated. We went for a used, weathered look and were reasonably pleased with the result.
This was the first time we tried to create rope, and unfortunately it shows.
This replacement for the Imp as a door-stop seemed more practical, but it still gets it in the face each time the hatch opens.
This test shows an overview of our test castle in a moonlit night with drifting white clouds.
The boat and the water were not easy to do. Yet, when you see the test video you hardly notice the boat. But that is good, not bad.
These snake-like gargoyles on top of our test tower are definitely meant to scare away any unwanted company.