Our first idea was to go for traditional animation, thinking that software could generate the time consuming in-between drawings needed to produce smooth animation. While this proved correct, we ultimately gave up the approach because of the limitations it placed on camera and character movements.
It took us a year to come to the above conclusion, and in that time we made several tests and even most of a short cartoon showing trolls smithing a sword to the music of In the Hall of the Mountain King.
Below are some images and video-links from that phase of our project.
In this test scene we tried to create the illusion of the camera moving into the scene towards the three white stones in the lake.
Almost from the start we thought that to create believable movements, we had to use motion capture of some kind.
The Trolls short was never finished, but the few completed scenes still give an idea of the visual design that we planned for the 2D project.
Turning a head in 2D using the morph technique proved to be more that we could master.
In order to create smooth movements and to avoid excessive work we hoped to do much of the animation with morphs instead of traditional cell animation, but it never really worked for us.
This very early test of the background for some entre'acte titles shows both promise and the opposite.