We started using 3D programs with some trepidation. After all, not long ago digital animation was bleeding-edge technology for movies like Terminator 2. But having been somewhat disappointed with what we could achieve using traditional animation, we felt it necessary to move on. And so we did...

We found that while building worlds in 3D required more software and computer power than we presently had, it was not at all out of our reach. The greatest obstacle was the learning curve, which set back the project both months and years. But we found the results convincing compared to our 2D experiments.

Below are some test scenes that we generated during our entry into the world of vertices and polygons:
Another convincing demonstration of why 3D is superior to 2D. This time tackling the infamous turning-head problem.
This simple animation of a spinning medal demonstrates the power of 3D over 2D.
The ease of using simulations in a 3D world compared to the toil of manually doing the same thing in 2D is demonstrated in this animation where the blowing flag in 3D is compared to its 2D counterpart.
This demonstration of subsurface scattering in skin does look rather nice. There are however other issues with this render.
This test demonstrates a way to integrate a character into the scenery. We later abandoned this approach in favour of a more traditional render of separate foregrounds and backgrounds.
Clothes simulations in Maya. Generally looking good, but some parameters are definitely better than others.
Ichiro running naked (!) down an alley of columns. Really, this is to test how the cape behaves during fast movements.
Not to be repeated, this scene demonstrates what parameters NOT to use on hair and clothes.